Perfect Pair of Jeans 101
Choosing the right type of jeans is a real challenge for all of us. In some extreme cases, we sometimes wish we know how to cut or wash a pair to fix the problem ourselves. However, you can look great in jeans the easy way. The key to this is to choose the right options and colors to flatter your figure. Here's how:

Boot Cut Jeans
Boot cut jeans have an ankle that is usually about 1” to 1 1/2” wider than the knee.  The classic boot cut may not be the "hot" trend of the season, but it is still the most comfortable and flattering style out there.  Boot cuts are one of the most figure flattering styles you can wear and are great way to visually slim your thighs and make your legs appear longer, when paired with heels. Boot cuts are generally chosen with a lower rise, tighter around the waistband hips and thighs, and starting to flare at the knees, so you get a slightly larger bottom opening. When wearing with heels, it’s best to let the hem drape over most of the shoe to add extra inches to your legs.

This is the perfect choice for curvy and pear-shaped women. It makes sure your thighs look slimmer, creating a longer and leaner silhouette. Boot cuts are also great for voluptuous women because they are tight around your hips and thighs and flares out at the bottom. They balance out your proportions and hug your curves in all the right places. Boot cuts are a great alternative for larger women who don’t want to wear loose fitting baggy jeans. 

Skinny Jeans
Skinny jeans are form fitted tapered jeans. Also called cigarette jeans, skinny is the cut of the moment. Cigarette jeans are great for the genetically blessed. It is good for long, skinny, straight girls. It emphasizes your legs while deemphasizing your upper body. Sure, skinny jeans look great on skinny figures, but this does not mean average women can't wear them. Try pairing them with a long belted sweater or blousy tunic and heels to elongate and slim your legs. You may also tuck them into boots for a sexy look most women can pull off. Skinny jeans also look great tucked into knee-high boots (a style that looks good on almost everyone). You may opt for the twisted seams on a pair of skinny jeans to give your long legs the ultimate emphasis.

Straight Leg Jeans
If skinny jeans aren't for you, a straight leg jean is the next best thing. Straight legs with a relaxed fit will give you that boyish cool look. A straight leg pair is great because it works for all body types. Straights are meant to be worn kind of like it's your boyfriend's jeans. A loose-fitting top offers the perfect balance for a pair of slim jeans. Also try cinching a belt around your top at your natural waist to make your legs appear super long. Straights are easier to wear than skinny jeans, but not as flattering as boot cuts for curvy and pear shaped women.

Flared Jeans
Super flattering, flared jeans have a '70s vibe. If you want to keep things clean and feminine, avoid anything that resembles a bellbottom, embroidered designs or patches. Instead, wear them with feminine tops and ladylike blouses to add an air of sophistication. Avoid anything sloppy or bohemian to ensure a modern look. Use some sexy pumps or heels—no flats here.

Higher-Waisted Jeans
Haters of low-rise jeans will love higher-rise choices. If you have a longer torso and shorter legs, high waisted jeans are perfect for you. Also, you can bend over without baring all. High-waisted jeans are also good for women with small waists and hips because it emphasizes your narrowest point. It makes the eye focus on your thin waist while deemphasizing your fuller areas. It sits on your true waist, which is much higher then you're all accustomed; It can either taper all the way down or flare a bit at the bottom. Wear them with a top that hits mid-hip or longer for a more flattering look. Short tops or tucked in shirts can be tough to pull off. Jeans with higher waists are great for slimming the tummy and ideal for avoiding the dreaded “muffin top”. A touch of stretch will help you breathe easier.

Twisted Seams
Twisted seams are certainly eye catching and continue to gain popularity, with good reason. Twisted seams add visual frontal lines that give your legs a longer and leaner appearance. Twisted seams pair perfectly with skinny jeans for an illusion of added height and longer sexier legs.  This style is especially flattering on petites and those who have short legs.

Wide Waistband
The wide waistband gives the illusion of a lower waisted pair of jeans. If you like the look of low waisted jeans but dislike wearing them, this is the perfect option to choose.

The rule of thumb is, the darker the denim, the thinner you will look. Conversely, you'll look larger in lighter washes. Light washes call more attention to the legs and give your bottom half more presence.

How to take care of your jeans
Treating your jeans the right way can ensure your jeans will last a long time. Here are a few tips on taking care of your jeans:

  • Wash separately in cold water
  • Turn your jeans inside out and add some vinegar to retain color
  • Line dry your jeans to keep them looking new; tumble at low heat in your dryer if needed. (Remember that too much heat for too long will destroy the LYCRA® elasticity.)
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