"I thought I had to give up my old favorite jeans. I had my old jeans copied and now I have 2 new additional favorite jeans with all the bells and whistles I wanted."
Helen, Salem OR

"I especially love the fact that if you're really short like I am (I stand five-feet short), I am still able to buy a pair of pants with all the options and colors I wanted. I don't need to compromise between fit or fashion. Here I can have it all!"
Patricia, Boston MA

"These are the best jeans ever. I am petite size and they fit great, perfect length and very comfortable. You can not go wrong with these designer jeans, especially if I did the designs myself. The fabric feels great also!"
Karen, Jacksonville FL

"I have unusually thin legs for my size. Tailored made jeans saved my life. I also like the fact that I can see and choose all the options without having to run through 10 stores. Thank you for making my life so much easier!"
Julie, Raleigh NC

"I'm a normal looking woman with a fairly small waist and larger hips and thighs. I was willing to spend some real money on jeans that fit well. Most jeans these days have a low rise that looks awful on my figure. These jeans are very comfortable as well as flattering."
Heidi, Dallas TX

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