How does Ellecid create jeans that will fit my body shape exactly right?
All products are tailor made to give you the best possible fit.  We use measurements specific to your body shape, so you fit the jeans, instead of trying to get the jeans to fit you. Furthermore, Ellecid specializes in fitting the female form and achieving the ideal look and feel for each customer we serve. Our method of measurement is CMM licensed, which gives you the latest and most effective fitting in women’s clothing possible. And, we use only high quality stretch denim (98% cotton and 2% LYCRA®). Even our tightest fitting custom designer jeans will not compromise your comfort.

NOTE: During the manufacturing process our jeans are heat treated in a stone washer, therefore your jeans may feel very tight on your body the first time you wear them. This is perfectly normal! Just wear your new jeans for a day or two to let the denim relax back to its original state.

How are my jeans made?
Besides utilizing professional industry equipment, we only use ring-spun denim which is defined by its retention, smoother appearance and softer feel. Furthermore, ring-spun denim is much tougher and will withstand wear and tear much better than cheaper denim. We believe that our tailor made jeans should not only be beautiful but long lasting as well. With those goals in mind, our workshop employs expertly trained tailors who take pride in their work and strive to provide you with some the best jeans that money can buy!

How do I take my measurements?
Please visit our easy-to-follow tutorial to find out exactly how to take your measurements correctly. We walk you through a step-by-step process for each measurement, to ensure the perfect fitting custom jeans. Because we work with the measurements you provide, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you double and triple check the accuracy before submitting your order.
(Note: If you choose to copy a pair of your favorite jeans, we will disregard your selections on leg opening, rise and fit and use you’re the measurements from your “blueprint” jeans instead.)

COPY JEANS, PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of the high-quality stretch denim fabric of our jeans, we are unable to copy jeans made from similar stretch fabrics. For the best fit possible, we suggest only copying jeans made from non-stretch materials.

Downloadable PDF instructions are available for your convenience below: (Right click and "Save Target As")

What is your return policy?
Because our jeans are custom made, we do not accept returns. However, if the pair of jeans you have ordered does not fit you, due to a mistake that occurred at our factory, we will ask you to return the jeans so we can correct the problem or make you a new pair of jeans, free of charge. If the mistake is due to an error in your measurements, you will be asked to re-measure yourself accurately and return your measurements along with the pair of jeans and a payment (50% of the original price) to our address. We will not begin work on a new pair of jeans until the original product is returned. Should you find any problems with your custom designed jeans, please contact us within two weeks after you have received your order.

Can I cancel or change my order after it’s been placed?
In order to speed up your order, each individual pattern is created as soon as your order is confirmed. It is likely that our workshop will have already started working on your order by the time you decide to change or cancel it. If you still wish to change or cancel your order, we will refund you 70% of the original purchase price. We are unable to cancel or change your order once the product has been shipped.

How long does it take for me to receive my jeans, once my order’s been placed?
Please allow 2-4 weeks lead time after you have placed your order. Ellecid is proud to offer FREE SHIPPING and handling within the continental USA, Hawaii and Alaska.

Do you accept international orders?
Yes, we are happy to accept orders from international customers.  Please allow approximately 1-2 weeks of additional delivery time.  International shipping charges apply: shipping and handling charges for Canada and Mexico are USD 25.00; Shipments to any other country will be charged USD 40.00 per order. One shipment can include up to three individual jeans.

Do you provide custom made-to-order jeans for men as well?
We would be happy to copy any mens' jeans based on a design that you already have. Unfortunately, we are not able to create mens' jeans from scratch, as we specialize in women's jeans and measurements.

Privacy Policy
Ellecid is committed to protecting your privacy. Visitors to our web site can register to purchase products and save preferences. At the time of registration, we will request personal information about you, such as: your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, and other relevant information. We do not share any customer information with third parties. We DO NOT access or collect any financial information on this site. PayPal acts as our merchant account and handles all financial transactions offsite. PayPal is a safe and secure payment portal with VeriSign Identity Protection.

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