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Feel sexy and confident in your perfect pair of jeans! At Ellecid, we create jeans that give you best look and feel possible!

Welcome to Ellecid – your source for custom tailored women’s jeans. We take the guesswork out of finding the perfect jeans for your body type. The process is simple:

1) Choose Your Ideal Style
2) Provide Your Measurements
3) Place Your Order

It’s that easy! Ellecid has thousands of customization options to choose from and our step-by-step measurement process allows you to create custom blue jeans that fit perfectly in all the right places. Imagine how comfortable and confident you will be in your own personalized jeans!

Even if you already own the perfect pair of jeans, Ellecid can duplicate them.
Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to wear the same pair of jeans day after day? What about when your favorite jeans fade, wear thin or get a hole in them? Ellecid’s expert tailors can recreate the jeans you already own! We provide a simple step-by-step guide to measuring your jeans, so you get a perfect fit every time.

Ellecid is 100% committed to providing you with custom tailored jeans that are exactly what you want. Knowing that each body type and shape is different we’ve created the following options:

Specials – We offer several different types of inseams, including traditional, single twisted and double twisted. Single and double twisted seams do a fantastic job at lengthening the leg line to make legs appear slimmer and longer.

Leg – We offer all the hottest styles, including tapered, straight, boot cut, flared and wide leg. Our designers are constantly looking at denim trends to provide you with the most up-to-date designer jean fashion. The tapered (skinny) jean has made a comeback, but we still find the low-rise boot cut to be universally flattering.

Rise – We offer high rise, mid rise and low rise, depending on your preference. The low rise, which usually sits 3-4 inches below the belly button is the most popular, though we’ve seen many celebrities sporting the high rise.

Fit – The fit is one of the most important elements of the perfect pair of custom jeans for a woman. Our form fit, relaxed fit or loose fit options give you just the right amount of room. In addition, we use only high quality stretch denim (98% cotton and 2% LYCRA®) for ideal comfort.

Pockets – The pockets on your designer jeans really set you apart from the crowd. We offer different shape and style options for the front and back pockets, as well as a choice of thread color for the stitching pattern. This is great way to put your personal touch on your custom tailored jeans.

Wash – We offer a wide selection of washes, including: Antique, Dirty, Stone, Dark, Sea, Stone Bleach and Light. This selector is especially helpful in re-creating or matching to jeans that you already own.

Brush – This optional feature allows you to create custom blue jeans that looked “worn in” already. You can choose from Nirvana, Heaven, Bliss or Ecstacy. We’ll let you be the judge…

Waistband – We offer a 1 ½ or 2 ½ inch waistband (height), to provide you with the best fit possible. When ordering the wide leg jeans, we think the wide waistband pairs perfectly.

Belt Loop – We offer a handful of customization choices, including single loop, double loop, u-loop and v-loop. This extra detail is a nice finishing touch.

In creating your custom tailored jeans, we use only the highest quality of materials. Our ring-spun denim is more durable, more comfortable and more stylish than knock-offs. Our expert tailors are ready to start working on your jeans. It’s so easy. Just click here to get started creating your perfect pair of jeans!

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